Meet the 5 Best Hosted Online Store Platforms for e-Commerce for 2017

Finding the best-made eCommerce platform for launching your online store can feel like an overwhelming job. You need to offer your merchandise online and have heard that hosted eCommerce platforms can simplify the creation of a profitable online store.

Yet, with the several eCommerce platforms that you can find online, you won’t know where to turn first.

In this article, we’ll list our main 5 prescribed solutions for a hosted eCommerce platform and after that review what you ought to search for in these platforms to achieve the best decision for your online business.


Most Comprehensive eCommerce Hosting

The Shopify platform, at this moment, rules the hosted eCommerce platforms with more than 200k clients. It’s a phenomenal all-around decision for hosting an online store. Start-ups who have never designed an eCommerce shop can now provide themselves with amazing and captivating web design solutions, however, Shopify is furthermore suitable for providing the value and versatility to scale your online store.

This platform is recognized for their collection of professional and modern layouts for online shops that are adjustable for desktop and mobile users. Brandable and fast solutions that will make your business go online and to start with online sales in seconds. The platform users have a help desk if any assistance is needed, at any point of the day, and are approachable with all forms of contact.


Boosted and Tailored Options

Big Commerce is well-known hosted platform made for smaller and private businesses. The layouts are made with intermediate coding that is very approachable for the majority of developers – this means that you can customize the layouts for a way smaller price than the other platforms.

The pricing is affordable due the fact that BigCommercec doesn’t charge you with fees per sale, however, they run a monthly subscription model based on your sales volume.

The pricing is also determined by the traffic your online store is getting, yet you can always pay for extra bandwidth. It is easily integrated with social media and other marketing platforms, so you can control your promotion directly from the online store.


Affordable Hosted Service for Start-up Online Stores

You’ve probably heard for Wix by far as it is one of the most popular and mass advertised platform for e-commerce. Great for businesses in their early stage or for people that have never made an online shop before. The only cons the platform has are that is pretty limited on products and limited in the changing the shop design for your taste – since the layout customization is not much flexible.




The Most Wanted Online Store solution for Enterprises and Small Businesses

The platform offers an advanced inventory management software and is great for businesses with a lot of products on their portfolio. It can handle a large volume of sales, loyalty program, and no transaction fees.

3D Cart

Affordable Hosted ecommerce Solution with High-end Features

The 3D Card is popular for providing various options that differ from every recurring payment plan. The advantage of this platform is the approachable options that go even with the cheapest plan, unlike other platforms where you must upgrade your membership program to get more features. The number of products you want to sell online will set the membership plan you want to use.

Their layouts are unique and unlike the other platforms, so there is no similarity in the looks, on the other hand, they provide you with secured and leading payment processors that are most likely used by your customers. Overall, they serve any kind of business and can provide you with tailored features for your online store.

eCommerce platforms that are hosted on a reliable supplier can get your online store work smoothly in a short period. We recommend you test the ones you pick with a trial version before bringing an official decision.

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